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The Quest

With 20 years experience in growing and fattening animals, Maria Trading is the biggest cattle and sheep farm in Romania. The company also owns the biggest slaughterhouse in the country, and one of the biggest in Europe. Due to the large increase in exposure within Europe, Asia and Africa gained in the last years, the company needed a new and powerful brand to reflect its proffesionalism and adapt its image to a worldwide spread.

In the last year (2015), the company also developed two national brands (Bovero and La Dragalina) for trading meat products within Romania territory through its own retail shops and major hypermarket chains. Thus, the Maria Trading brand had to be properly developed to sustain these two brands, and the website addapted to both retail and business customers.

The Solution: Maria Trading | The Culture of Meat

The developed solution reflects the creative side of the offered products, providing the basis of a story supported by the long history of the company.

The attention to detail symbolized by the expression of the horns, eyes and feet of the animal and the clean detailed finishes reflects the quality of the products.

Meanwhile, the fluency of the lines chosen in the overall design supports the dynamic of the company and the export activity to many other countries.

The colour palette was chosen to reflect the colours of the selected breeds, but also to support the elegance of the logo and the high quality of the products.

The Approach

The overall objective of the project was to build a brand image that could perfectly sustain the two national meat brands, and also the meat and livestock export activity of the company, emphasizing the quality of delivered products.

In order to achieve this, a smart, strong, elegant and minimalist image was developed so that it could be used as a subsidiary base on every design material for any sub-brand without changing the focus from the retail brand.

Brand Promise & Positioning

The Maria Trading brand identity was developed to support the company’s expertise in breeding, stemming from the 20 years’ experience of service, during which it constantly emphasized on the quality of meat products.

The premium positioning reflects Maria Trading’s reputation for high quality products and the company’s commitment to food safety and sustainability.

The Culture of Meat also reflects the company’s commitment to assure the best quality animal welfare and meat, by constantly designing sophisticated healthcare solutions and natural food recipes made from its own production.

The company’s slogan sustains the role of educator in the local market to convince its clients of the benefits of consuming the meat of cattle and sheep.



Client-specific materials

About the Client

With 20 years experience in raising and fattening animals, the company built a modern industry and achieved the best international standard production based on growing healthy animals in selected breeds, with the highest attention given to animal welfare, care and feeding, providing 100% in animal feed only natural meal from own production, with quality feed recipes carefully watched by nutritionists.

The Company owns the biggest livestock in Romania, and also the biggest slaughterhouse in Romania, one of the biggest in Europe. It is also the biggest livestock and meat exporter within 26 countries all over Europe, Asia and Africa.

For the financial and economic results obtained in the 2010-2011 period the company received the Excellence Award in the Top Companies County, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Constanta.

Iskandar Saad, General Manager