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The Quest

Following investments in equipment required for the production of furniture, the production standards and quality increased significantly. Logibic became the only company holding such technology in Constanta County.
In this context, a strong disparity emerged between the company’s image and production standards, the company experiencing the necessity for developing a strong and solid brand, adapted to the new context and to cope with market competitiveness.

The Solution: Fabrikart | Mobilier de inspirație calculată

The Fabrikart name was chosen in order to reflect the modern techonology production belnded with the highly artistic caracteristics of the products. Thus, a new name for the brand was born, inspired from “the art factory” or “manufacturer of art”. It is a name that reflects impeccable quality with artistic accent.
The logo solution was developed by modifying a font so to suggest furniture (letters “a”, “b” and “k” containing details of construction that inspires furniture: a rocking chair, a sofa). The elegance and simplicity of lines, clearly expressed in the powerful cuts and carefully crafted curves of the symbol letters, shape a medium plus – premium brand. The meaning of the two words – “Fabrik” (factory) and “art” in the brand name, is differently highlighted both through different colour and the inflection of the lines. The white lines inspires precise, technical, rigorous cuts. The yellow part of the logo is made by flowing, elegant, artistic lines to inspire the art of the product creation.
The fluid end of the brand name expression (“Art”), the round letters and the color palette of the logo were chosen to reflect a friendly approach, openness to customer needs and to highlight the brand promise and personality.

The Approach

The solution proposed by Eyedeal, for a rapid increase in the level of brand awareness, was to reshape the Logibic brand in order to reflect the new logistics and modern production capacity available, and also the need to adapt to the furniture production market dynamic in 2016.
We needed to understand the expectations of the retail and business clients, to rename the brand, to shape a creative brand strategy and build a new and fresh image for the brand.

Brand Promise & Positioning

The new Fabrikart brand promises an experience that meets every clients’ needs. It is a brand that perfectly combines the ingenuity of artistic furniture design with the quality of modern techonology and well calculated production standards.
The Fabrikart furniture is inspired by people and their lifestyles, by their stories, by the client’s personal preferences and style, combining authentic design, great finishes and quality materials in order to deliver a unique and personalized product.
The brand personality was shaped in such manner that it should reflect its promise but also the clients’ expectations in the furniture field. Thus, the overall experience with the brand was created to be just like with an open, friendly, trustworthy, carefull and responsible person.

Keywords and Principles Used in Developing the Brand’s Image

furniture, inspiration, modern, technology, art, quality, friendly, prompt, corporate



Client-specific materials

About the Client

The main activity of the company is the production of furniture (offices, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, youth rooms, upholstery, furniture for the lobby). The company produces serial production and also custom furniture for domestic spaces, commercial spaces or hotels. It addresses all categories of customers, both individuals and businesses.
The company’s development strategies are focused on customer satisfaction by offering quality products and services, and achieve long-term partnership.
In 2011 the company started a technological modernization program, which included the acquisition of computer-assisted machinery and specialized software for designing and production of furniture. Hence, the production is done with high performance machines using the newest generation of materials and various accessories

Client Testimonial

Since we started implementing the new brand image and Eyedeal's proposed strategies we have seen a huge increase in our conversion rates and we are closing a lot more deals. The employees have also shown a significant increase in pride and work attitude.

Constantin Teodorescu General Manager