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The Quest

Given the increased risks resulting from dependence on large business customers the Company planned an expansion of the share of private individuals or small businesses income, in order to ensure a consistent cash flow, team stability and maintaining high standards of quality in construction. The business development plan was to significantly increase the percentage of projects for individuals, in order to be less dependent on fluctuations in the business field. To achieve this, the company needed to assess the market, to develop a brand and a comprehensive marketing strategy.

The Solution: CERT Construct | Certainty in Construction

The brick based design solutions ensure continuity with the old logo, and also with the CERT Roofs logo by using the checkmark. A variant which is a good support for the slogan “Certainty in construction”, the perfect closure to a square being a representation of this powerful concept. The brick building is solid, but very versatile, allowing further development of various suggestive field related forms, by recombining them.

The opening shape suggests customer orientation through both flexibility and a transparent and honest way of communication with the customer. The open variant with a check suggests the entire construction process, focusing on quality and attention to detail. The finished building will be a perfectly closed square, with the integrated CERT check as a symbol of a well done job.

The colour palette was selected to align with the brand’s positioning and to illustrate the feeling of confidence and certainty. The white colour of the logo used on construction related background colours (yellow, grey, dark blue) reiterates the neat and clean way of work.

The Approach

The overall objective of the project was to strategically increase the awareness and engagement with the target audience in the retail field.

In order to achieve this, a complex survey was conducted to understand customer needs and expectations in the retail field in Constanta county.

Based on the survey results and competition analysis, an improved branding and marketing strategy was developed to differentiate the company in the construction industry.

A strategically new image for the company was also built, that reflects and meets the customers’ needs in the retail field.

Brand Promise & Personality

The CERT Construct brand was developed as a strong support for the company’s values – quality, reliability, trust, professional competency – providing clients with the insurance that each project is held and delivered to a high standard of quality, that they receive the respect they deserved, and that every decision is made for their benefit.

The CERT Construct brand emphasizes the customer, his needs and desires, offers proactive solutions, communicates efficiently and transparently, in a simple, open and honest manner.

Thus was born a brand with a personality aligned with its values: open, determined, confident, caring, responsible.



Client-specific materials

About the Client

The company was founded in 2010 in Constanta by Mr. Alexandru Ionescu and his wife. Mr. Ionescu has over 8 years’ experience in construction, as previous general manager of several companies in the field, and also having both construction and management university degrees.

The Company had, in 2014 a significantly increase in turnover, the number of employees and equipment. It benefits of the services of specialized engineers with over 10 years of experience in construction,  technical execution managers, and expert valuators to optimize material costs and to control its flow easier. The emphasis on maintaining a high standard of service quality and better organizing has allowed the company to obtain, in 2014, the ISO 9001:2008 standard certification for quality management.

Client Testimonial

Since we started implementing the new brand image and Eyedeal's proposed strategies we have seen a huge increase in our conversion rates and we are closing a lot more deals. The employees have also shown a significant increase in pride and work attitude.

Alexandru Ionescu General Manager