Pro Smart

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The Quest

The company’s development strategy is focused on customer satisfaction and market share increase by offering a wide range of high-end products, offering a wide range of products: residential garage doors, aluminium windows and doors, curtain wall systems, railings,  roller-blinds, mosquito nets, shutters, commercial doors, façade systems, industrial roller doors.
With the new production facility and a new showroom for clients, the main development strategy of the company is to focus on smaller projects for retail clients.

The Solution: Pro Smart | Perspective++

The proposed symbol was formed by joining together elements and ideas: the shape of a window – the rectangle, constituting a suggestion for a wide opening, and a spiral – a dynamic form that can suggest a scale, symbolically expressing the idea of ​​advancement and growth, solutions of an increasingly higher level.

The clean line strongly supports a common element of many Pro Smart projects – large glazing surfaces with slim aluminum framing. Golden inflections suggest light as a key element, generating reflexes giving new perspectives on Pro Smart products.

The Approach

The overall objective of the project was to build a creative brand and branding strategy that differentiates the company in the construction industry and acts as a basis for business entry in the new market segment and for a rapid increase in brand awareness.
In order to achieve this, a complex survey was conducted to understand customer needs and expectations in the retail field in Constanta county.
Based on the survey results and competition analysis, an improved branding and marketing strategy was developed to differentiate the company in the construction industry.

Brand Promise

The new Pro Smart brand promises perfection to the smallest details, aiming for modern aesthetics and sophisticated design, alongside with the highest quality materials and modern production processes.
Pro-Smart aluminum and glass products offer sophisticated, high-quality solutions for any architectural and design challenge.



Client-specific materials