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The Quest

The client, LTA Mondial, is a producer in the agricultural field, specialised in edible oil production. Its main marketing activity was focused on large scale B2B sunflower oil marketing and export.

The company planned an entry on the Romanian retail market with its lead product, the Izabell oil, and needed a proper brand image for it, and also a retail positioning and selling strategy in order to differentiate the product.

The Solution: Izabell | Soare. Floare. Savoare

TThe label design was intended to differentiate the product from competitors in the oil market and combined a modern typography with vintage design elements, hand sketches illustrations, a natural colors pallete.

Being a premium product, the label and other communication materials were designed having a soft touch in mind, expressing quality, origin and values. Thus, the label image was created in a monochrome style, to generate a strong and memorable experience.
The usual and overused stock photos were replaced with custom illustrations as a key element of a “one-of-a-kind” product. The illustrations were designed based on powerful symbols for the geographical area in which the oil is produced, the Dobrogea area.

The positioning strategy was built to target the product on a young audience (25 – 45 years). Thus, the design and communication style had to reflect a modern product, but also all the experience of the producer and respect for local traditions. This was made by combining the vintage illustrations style with modern typography and communication style which integrates geometry and creates a balanced relation between new and old, between text and illustration, between the modern way of thinking of the young audience and the wisdom of old generations.

In a competitive industry, this creative approach sets a unique style for the Izabell oil image, allowing the product to differentiate itself among all other products through concept and design, and set a new trend on the edible oil retail market.

The Approach

The solution proposed by the consultant, for an efficient entry on the Romanian retail market, was to build a creative brand and positioning strategy for Izabell oil to face the high competition and differentiate it from other big retailers’ products.

Because the vegetable oils market is currently saturated with a conventional communication style and design, we recommended a strategy based on an atypical approach to consumer, from label design to the way in which the brand was communicated.

Brand Promise & Positioning

Izabell is a natural, pure oil, carefully processed with respect for the consumer’s health. Rich in vitamins and essential nutrients, it is the best choice for the healthy lifestyle oriented consumer.

The brand promise is oriented towards healthy people, being close to the nature, keeping high standards, being authentic and responsible with the consumer’s wellbeing and the environment.

TIf we were to describe the Izabell oil as a person, it will be the natural, smart housewife. She is concerned about her and her family’s health and seeks to provide a more natural food. She treasures and recalls her mother and grandmother’s teachings and adapted the health oriented lifestyle of old country people to current times. Therefore, although her daily life keeps her very busy, she learned to cook healthy recipes that require little time and uses natural and tasty ingredients for her family.

Keywords and Principles Used in Developing the Brand’s Image

healthy lifestyle, natural, organic, modern times, traditions, respect, care, premium product



Client-specific materials

About the Product

Izabell is a natural pure oil, processed with care through traditional methods. All the Izabell sortiments come frome non-GMO crops and are first press and cold pressed oils to preserve as much of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6).
Thus, the Izabell oil is specifically designed to take care of your health. The product focuses on the idea of a healthy lifestyle.