clients and brands

The Quest

The client, a home enhancement retailer, is marketing a wide range of products for bathroom furnishing: ceramic tiles, sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, taps, fittings etc. From its 1994 launch until the present day, the company has experienced sustained development in the Constanta area market and has become a top consumer choice for bathroom furnishing.

Following significant business development and increase in brand awareness, the company planned to expand towards the medium-plus and premium market sector, with a new showroom and new products. In this context, the company aimed to develop a strong and solid brand, adapted to the new target.

The Approach

The solution proposed by Eyedeal, for a rapid increase in the level of brand awareness within the new market sector, was to build a premium brand for the company that reflects the new target’s needs. Based on market information retrieved in the early stages of the project and on the mutual agreement of consultant and company, this premium brand will either be a further development of the existing brand, a new brand to replace it, or a second, complementary brand.

The Solution: Design&Mood

The developed solution reflects the brand concept key elements, providing the basis for building a coherent brand communication.

The elegance of the symbol, the fluidity of the contour lines and the interior elements that creates space, outline a premium positioning of the brand, the simplicity of the whole shape allowing for a versatile approach and easy adaptation to the multiple interior design solutions.

The fonts keep the feeling of simple elegance, while expressing an openness to the client, a direct, transparent and friendly approach.

Brand Promise & Positioning

At Design&Mood, interior design is more than than a blend of colors, shapes and textures. It’s about finding creative solutions for creating spaces that reflect the personality and lifestyle of each client, combining functionality and quality with elegance, uniqueness and good taste.



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