clients and brands

The Quest

The challenge was to create a brand that is simple and elegant, a mark for quality, but also to go deeper into awakening clients consciousness and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Quality was the key element that needed to be emphasized both in the product name and it’s image, also the image needed to be easily transposed to any media, from web, prints to printed symbol on plates.

The Approach

The naming was developed by associating two relevant words for the brand developing, considering also the need for international exposure : sea & quality.

The logo is a juxtaposition of three elements: infinity, as an expression of the inexhaustible nature, Q as a symbol of quality and turbot (a round, flat fish), the colors being chosen to accentuate the premium product and company services.

The visual style dictated by the logo was given to all the following brand support or promoting materials.



Client-specific materials

About The Client

ELCOMEX AQUA completed in 2013 the first intensive livestock farm turbot in Romania. Right on the Black Sea shore, in the village Corbu, from Constanta.

After 6 years of development, with investments of over 5 million euro, they achieved the largest and most modern farm of its kind in Southeast Europe.

The farm operates a recirculating system, being the only fish farm in Romania that uses seawater. Through a unique culvert system, achieved by horizontal directional drilling, water is pumped from the Black Sea turbot, so the fish is grown in similar conditions with the wild. Using the latest technologies ensure obtaining parameters identical to those of the natural environment: temperature, salinity, etc.

Client Testimonial

The team at Eyedeal possess a way of thinking that’s different from the norm. Their ingenuity stands out from the crowd, as does their refreshing approach to taking a risk. Their solution was highly appreciated even on other continents.

Gabriel Popescu General Manager