clients and brands



The Quest

Our challenge was to develop a brand eloquent for its business area – natural livestock forage while suggesting its geographic affiliation – Dobrogea.

In addition, it was necessary to point out the diversity of products and the company’s flexibility through customized approach to each client.

Our Approach

The chosen naming was appreciated for a good phonetics (strong consonants sweetened by well-placed vowels) and was centered on an illustrative word for this business: nutrition.

The solution offered consists in a landscaping logo that supports the natural raising livestock idea, using many shades of green to suggest the diversity of products.

To the ‘life on the farm’ atmosphere were added relevant elements for positioning the brand in Dobrogea – the turbines. These fit perfectly in the landscape because they produce green energy.

Flexibility can be further expressed by modifying animal symbols within the landscape, depending on each situation, the overall picture and the general perception remaining unchanged.



Client-specific materials

About Client

Started from the desire to resume the tradition of farming and create yet another successful business, Elcomex Agroindustrial set out as a major objective the best use of existing natural resources in Dobrogea: sea, wind, sun and earth.

The whole project is based on a unique vision and constitutes an ambitious plan, where the skillful man wants to put Dobrogea zootechnics in the deserved place and to give people from this place the pride of being a Dobrogean.

Client Testimonial

Eyedeal impressed us with their initiative, the capacity to present creative ideas and to communicate their benefits. The solutions we’ve implemented with the Eyedeal team have contributed to our company’s growth, both in image and value.

Cristi Betenchi Sales Director Elcomex Agroindustrial - NUTRIEL