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About Client

Dacia HUB Oil is one of the market leaders in providing fuel cards, lubricants, paraffin and other petroleum derivatives.

In direct cooperation with many world-renowned partners,  Dacia HUB OIL provides customized solutions and delivers to end-users various groups  of petroleum products:
• Fuel Cards – We offer competitive commercial solutions adopted customer needs.
• Industrial and motor oils – one of the largest suppliers on some market segments.
• Paraffin – one of the market leaders.

Our Approach

A solution based on a symbol of hydrocarbons closely linked to the business area of the company. Translations to 3D solution suggest a multitude of services and products offered to clients. The generated form, the close ties, strengthen the idea of power, stability.

The intersection generated in the symbol clearly expressing “hub”, the company’s ability to interconnect services and products in order to deliver fast and reliably to customers what they want.